Open Competitions

Seniors Open - Tuesday 28th July:
Winners J Manzano & R Jolley 46 pts
Second K Worsley & R Beckley 43 pts cpo
Third S Poucher & B Leighton 43 pts cpo
Fourth J Pugh & P Treacy 42 pts cpo
Fifth C Stephenson & FC Dougal 42 pts cpo

Thanks to all participants, and we look forward to seeing you again in the new year.

Team Open - Sunday 9th August
Winners: Reiss Lee, Ryan Curtis, Matt Pearson & James Harris
Second: Stephen Housley, Tom Ruck, Dan Winnard& Luke Fedorenko
Third: michael Morgan, Sean Jackson Carl Whitworth, & Steve Bridgeman
Fourth: Ronnie Mostyn, j Kilner, T Baker & T Baker jnr.
Course Status
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21.04.2021 06:02
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Course Open. Please remember Covid restrictions remain in place, do not touch the flag sticks or markers. For the benefit of all members can we please repair pitch marks & replace divots Thank you. Enjoy your round!
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